This page should give you the essential training/instruction to be able to do basic administration of the website.

The common tasks you’re likely to want to do will include editing pages (e.g. updating frames ranges for a practice) and creating and removing Posts (e.g. News and Offers items).

Of course, if you get stuck you can contact Daren: | 07879 632345.


Do please take the time to watch these short videos, as they’ll give you a good overview of how the site works, and hopefully will show that it’s not that difficult to maintain the site for yourself.
[To make the videos large enough, use the ‘Full screen’ option once you’ve clicked on Play. When the video’s finished, pressing ‘Esc’ should get you out of full screen.]

  • Logging In

    The website is all managed online through WordPress. To make any changes to the website, you first need to log in to the WordPress Dashboard for this site. Go to (this link opens in a new tab/window, so you can switch back to these instructions).
    Use your WordPress username (something like FirstnameLastname) and password to log in.
    If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request to reset it from the login form, by clicking on ‘Lost your password?’. A link will be emailed to your … address and, when you follow it, you’ll get a form that allows you to set a new, memorable, password.
  • Dashboard Introduction

    An introduction to the main areas you’ll access through the Dashboard:

    • Pages,
    • Media, and
    • Posts.
  • How The Site Fits Together (Overview)

    A tour through the site, showing you how the Pages, Posts and other items fit together to make the whole site. It’s over 11 minutes, but do please watch it once!
    It introduces you to:

    • Themes,
    • the Cookie bar,
    • the Menu bar,
    • the main ‘Slider’ slideshow,
    • columns in pages, and
    • ‘catlist’ lists of Posts.

NB: Changes for 2020:

    • 0’50”: The Theme that’s now used is Phlox Child.
    • 1’00”-2’00”: The cookies notification is now via a pop-up, rather than a top bar, and the cookies information is dealt with a little differently now.
    • 4’25”: The slideshow is handled differently. It’s now using a shortcode, su_slider, which is itself called in a Post named ‘Slider’. If you look at the Post, you’ll see the su_slider uses a list of numbers to refer to the images that the slider is to use. In the Media Library, when you open an image, you’ll see that number as part of the URL shown in your browser – so that’s how you find the number to refer to in the Slider Post. If you need any further help for changing/adding a slide, please do ask Daren.
    • 8’45″–10’40”: The left column on practice pages is no longer done via a sidebar and widgets, but by inserting a Post into a column on the page. In this way, if you edit the Post, the changes are reflected on all that practice’s pages (main, Finding Us, Careers, …). The Posts are appropriately named, e.g. “Teddington left column”).
  • Editing a Page: Frames Ranges

    How to edit a Page, using making changes to your frames ranges as an example.
    NB: With the new 2020 design of the website, page editing is somewhat different and, I think, more intuitive and easy. In the video, there’s a lot about how to overcome the editor’s shortcomings, switching between Visual and Text modes. Now, you have the choice between ‘Edit as HTML’ or ‘Edit Visually’ (via a button that looks like 3 dots stacked vertically) and, in most cases, editing visually should be fine for the kinds of things you’ll want to do.
  • Editing a Widget: Testimonials

NB: This has been superseded for 2020, as the testimonials are now part of the home page, and not in the left column. They’re not in a Widget either, so you shouldn’t need to concern yourself with Widgets. As they’re part of the home page, they don’t disappear on narrow screens (e.g. phones) as they used to.

How to edit Widgets, using making changes to testimonials as an example.

  • Editing Posts: Offers

    How to create/edit Posts, using creating a new Offer as an example. News works in the same sort of way, using Posts. Also shows you how to remove old Offers.

  • Working with Pictures

    How to add/replace pictures/photos, using editing the Teddington practice as an example.