Spectacles are a convenient and quick way of correcting vision and protecting the eyes. They are easy to put on and take off, and easy to store. With a massive selection of frames available in a huge array of styles, colours and materials, you’re likely to find frames to suit you. Advancements in materials technology, for both lenses and frames, have helped to make spectacles lighter, more durable and more comfortable.
There are all kinds of situations for which spectacles are a good solution:

  • All day / every day wear for general purpose sight correction
  • Reading and other close work – these can be special purpose spectacles, for a particular task such as sewing, or part of the prescription of a multi-focal pair, where a larger lens area is required, such as for reading in bed or playing the piano
  • Driving – anti-reflection coated lenses are very useful for night driving and tinted, polarised lenses make driving more comfortable on sunny days
  • Sports – Specialist spectacles can offer correction and protection in a range of sporting activities, for example cycling, skiing/snowboarding, squash.

At Norman Prince Opticians, we stock and supply a wide range of frames.

At each of our locations we stock different ranges of frames, to suit the practice‘s clientele. This means that, across the group of practices, we can supply from a huge variety of manufacturers and designers.

Please see the individual locations‘ pages for their frames ranges: