photo credits: Snowboarder pincusvt; Cyclist Flowizm, both via photopin cc

Sports eyewear:
See better – play better.

We all recognise the need to keep fit and have fun. Just because you wear spectacles this should not be an reason for you to not join in. Specialist sports eyewear is available to correct your sight.

Around 80% of sensory input for sport comes from our eyes – it is vital to maximise their potential and to protect them from possible injury. Wearing your everyday specs is sometimes not practical as they can slip, fall off or even damage your eyes if the lenses are not designed to withstand impact. We can offer the correct appliances, for protection and visual correction, for your sporting requirements.

Of course, contact lenses are an alternative to spectacles for many sports. Daily disposable lenses are an ideal option for such sports as running, golf and swimming.

  • Swimming goggles
    To enhance your vision and to protect the eyes from chlorine and other contaminants, we can provide you with snug-fitting, leak resistant swimming goggles made to your prescription.
  • Diving masks are available with prescription lenses that can be bonded to the toughened glass front plate of the diving mask, again offering excellent vision and leak protection.
  • Sports eyewear for dry sports
    A selection of styles are available to provide a safer view for ball games – especially squash which is a major cause of eye injuries – plus contact sports. Comfortable to wear, with soft silicon bridge and side fittings, all our protective eyewear comes with tough elastic-strap headbands for non-slip play. Polycarbonate lenses are the only safe option, as they have amazing impact resistance and are also thin, light and provide 100% UV protection.
  • Cycling specs
    Stylish wraparound frames are especially popular with cyclists. Face hugging and comfortable to wear, these have the benefit of providing protection from the sun and stones that may flick up from the road. Your prescription can be fitted into the cycling eyewear if necessary.
  • Skiing eyewear ensures a glamorous look on the slopes whilst providing optical sight correction and glare protection. Visors are available in a selection of tints to cut the powerful glare as it bounces off the snow.
  • Snooker specs are a popular choice with their open rimless shape to accommodate deep lenses. The carefully designed tilt allows for a comfortable table-top performance.