COVID-19: Restricted service (Crowthorne)

25th March 2020
Dear all

Following Monday night’s PM announcement this practice will be closed for general services.

We will continue to attend to any emergencies and urgent issues and the best way to contact us is through our email address or telephone,

01344 772062

The practice will be staffed Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings for urgent collections and repairs, but unfortunately entry to the practice will not be possible.

We wish you all the best in these uncertain times and look forward to seeing you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Best wishes,

All the staff.

COVID-19: Restricted service

Notice to all our patients

In order to try to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we have decided that we are unable to offer any face to face consultations at this time. This includes routine eye examinations, contact lens aftercare appointments and fitting spectacles.

We will remain open in order to answer any telephone calls and emails and we can offer a telephone consultation with an optometrist if you need it.

You are welcome to collect your contact lenses and spectacles, so long as we maintain a safe distance. Therefore, we will not be able to offer a spectacle fitting service at this time.

If it’s more convenient for you, we can arrange to have your goods delivered to you; you’ll just need to cover the cost of posting.

We appreciate all your support during this difficult time. The health and safety of our patients and employees is our priority. Let’s all stay safe.

We will update you of any changes accordingly.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.


3D OCT scanning now available at our Teddington practice

3D OCT scanning available at our Teddington practice

We can now offer 3D OCT scanning at our Teddington practice. This gives us an image similar to an ultrasound and can help our optometrists see beneath the surface of the retina. It can help us pick up even the early stages of Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma and is particularly important if there is any family history of these diseases.
Please ask for an OCT test when booking your eye examination.OCT_scan_image_980

Retirement of Mrs Bagshaw, optometrist

It is with great sadness that we announce the retirement of Mrs Bagshaw from Norman Prince Opticians. She had been an optometrist with us for over 40 years and during that time made a huge impact in every aspect of her work.

The same commitment and dedication shown by Mrs Bagshaw continues with our remaining optometrists: Mr S Abery, Mrs E Entwistle, Mrs Mola-Moheddien and Mrs K Jowhal, all of whom have been with us for a number of years and would be more than happy to take on your eye care.

Miss H Bhatt is the newest addition to our optometry team. She has been working at our Ashford practice for over a year and is as committed in her role as Mrs Bagshaw was.

We all wish Mrs Bagshaw a very happy retirement!

Video: Experience a child’s eye examination

Regular eye examinations are important at every age, including during our formative childhood years. In this video, produced by The College Of Optometrists, you can see what to expect from a children’s eye examination, and the sorts of tests that are involved.

Video: The College of Optometrists


Optical Coherence Tomography

As well as Retinal Photography, at all Norman Prince Opticians practices we now have 3D OCT scanning available. This scans your eye in just a few seconds and gives us a 3D cross-sectional image of the deeper layers of your eyes. This helps us detect the early signs of many eye conditions including Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.

An example scan from OCT, showing a cross-section of the back of the eye

More on OCT here.


Children’s Eye Tests

Eye exams are free under the NHS for those under 16, and for those in full time education until they turn 19.

Most children have excellent sight and do not need to wear glasses. Some children may have vision screening done at primary school.

Children do not always know that their vision is poor. If you have any concerns about your child’s eyes, or if there is a history of Squint or Lazy eye in the family, do not wait for the vision screening at school. Problems that are picked up early are more easily treatable.

Your child does not need to be able to read or talk to have a sight test. We can use a special light (called a Retinoscope) and pictures to assess vision. We understand that having your eyes tested can be scary for a child, so try to keep it fun!

More about Children’s eye tests here.